The Start of Something New (Again... And again... And again?)

This isn't my first blog, nor is it even my second. And who knows, maybe this won't be my last.

I've started numerous blogs over the years, but I haven't stuck with any of them for more than a few years. I started out on Xanga, which turned into LiveJournal, which turned into Tumblr (for the record, my Tumblr was pretty successful and hit over 4000 followers, but I had to give that up when university started and it got to be too much *cries*), to Wordpress... You get it. And I guess I'm here now!

But what exactly made me come back into the blogosphere?

As a "straight-outta-university graduate with a full-time job", my life has become like a bit of a routine: wake up, go to work, go to the gym, eat, sleep, repeat. Of course, I do do other things as well. I hang out with friends and I attend events whenever one comes up. But I just don't feel as engaged in life as I was when I was in university, and I'm itching to find an outlet that would make me feel that way again.

That's why I turned back to blogging.

I've always been a writer. Heck, it's my job to write blog posts as a content marketer where I work full-time. I've loved writing since I was little. Everything from stories, letters, articles - you name it, I wrote it. Over the years, I've lost my enjoyment of writing because of school. Being an arts major, you're forced to write numerous essays, reports, and papers about topics that you like/hate/despise, and that can change the way you feel about writing. It definitely has for me, and I felt uncomfortable. Like I didn't want to write again and I didn't know how to fully express myself otherwise.

I asked myself, "how did something I once enjoyed so much turn into something I dreaded to do?"

I wanted to change that.

So I picked up blogging again just so I can write freely and get my head away from constantly writing in a B2B voice, or even the academic voice that I've become accustomed to because of SCHOOL.

Each one of my blogs have been a failure so far (okay not a failure, more like I've never been consistent). But I'm out of school now, aren't I? Let's take another stab at it, and I welcome you to come along on this journey of me rediscovering my love for writing.

And sharing bits of my life and thoughts with you too.

- Winnie Giang