When You're Not Ready To Say Goodbye

The sharp pain of a pre-mature goodbye is hard to digest.

While some relationships slowly fade away with time, others are yanked away from us before we're ready to let them go. These relationships are the ones we hold dear to us and the ones that take up the most room in our thoughts. 

Whether this happened on their own accord or there was an outside influence, they are extracted from our lives as quickly as they entered them. We feel a wave of sadness because we're not ready to say goodbye. The reason why we feel this sadness is because the loss was sudden and the relationship was meaningful.

We often deny their departure by fighting back and arguing with reality. We curse, we cry, and we attempt to convince ourselves otherwise.

It's a difficult reality to accept.

But we have to acknowledge that most relationships we develop throughout our lives won't and aren't meant to last forever. We all live separate lives with our own separate schedules, so it's a blessing if you find that your life aligns with someone else's for a moment. The more we can accept the truth that life just goes on, the better we can live our lives to their fullest.

The next time you find yourself saying goodbye to someone you weren't ready to let go of, remind yourself to be thankful for who they were and what lesson they taught you about life. Take this with you to the next special person you encounter, and slowly, but surely, you'll let go.

Everyone you meet in your life will impact it in some way, and whether they stay or leave, life will continue to go on and you will continue to grow as a person.

- Winnie Giang