3 Takeaways for Starting a Side-Hustle

On September 7th, Young Women in Business (YWiB) - Toronto Chapter hosted a meetup with a panel of successful women who talked about how they balance their side-hustle while working a full-time job. Me, being the curious person I am, was interested in this particular event because I'm trying to build up my own brand, 'Those Paper Hearts', in addition to working my full-time job and wanted to see how others are balancing their days and nights.

young women in business

This event was fantastic. The panel of speakers were all such ambitious women with successful side-hustles that they were extremely passionate about. I really enjoyed hearing all the advice and wisdom being passed around, so I decided to write about the 3 main takeaways I got from the event.

Set aside time for yourself

We're human beings and it's in our instincts to be social. It's easy to overload our calendars with coffee dates with friends, events, and parties because we love being around our friends. But all these extra activities can come with a cost to ourselves. With all these events happening, it's easy to ignore our side-hustles because we're so busy trying to please everyone else. Setting aside time for yourself is so important to keeping your side-hustle alive. Just like scheduling a meeting with your friend, schedule time to work on your side-hustle, and you will soon make progress towards your goals.

Focus on being great at one thing

Now that I have no more commitments to school, I want to try everything I wasn't able to do while I was slaving away at exams. So far, I've been trying a little bit of all those things. Kick-boxing, going to the gym, creating videos, starting a blog, and more. Everything has been awesome so far, but I'm starting to notice some drawbacks to dabbling into too many activities. As we grow in life, we start to wonder about where our passion lies. What we're passionate about should be what we're fantastic at, right? You get "good" at a bunch of random stuff, but you don't get "great" at any one thing. To be great at something, it requires a lot of time and hard work. Focusing on one thing in particular will make you a master at that craft, and your side-hustle is what will come out of it.

Being "too busy" is an excuse

I'm sure we're all guilty of making the excuse that we're "too busy" to get out of doing something at many points in our lives. But the truth is, we're never "too busy" for something or someone that we really care about. We make time for the things we really want to do in our busy schedules. And this goes for our side-hustles. As a full-time worker, most of us who are still young don't have many commitments outside of our 9-5, so what other excuse do we have not to pursue what we're passionate about on the side?

If you're in the Toronto area and you're interested in learning more about YWiB, check out their site here.

- Winnie Giang